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What in seven hells is this??

Someone please tell me what this is!!

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Going through old stuff

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Going through old stuff

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Working on my first photoplasty contest entry for Cracked.  This is my progress so far. —Solid Steve

Working on my first photoplasty contest entry for Cracked.  This is my progress so far. —Solid Steve

Working on my first photoplasty contest entry for Cracked.  This is my progress so far. —Solid Steve

Working on my first photoplasty contest entry for Cracked.  This is my progress so far. —Solid Steve

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‘What if…’ Movies re-imagined for another time & place.

by Peter Stults

Time travel?  Really?  …time travel…

EPIC scene from Black Snake Moan.  Best part of the movie

Dear Hollywood,

We don’t want another Pirates trilogy.

We don’t want an Avatar sequel.

We don’t want a Tron trilogy.

We don’t need to reboot The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series when we’re still working on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series.

There really is no need for Jurassic Park 4, and DEFINITELY no need for another trilogy.

We don’t need Men in Black III.  Frankly, we didn’t need Men in Black II.

We don’t need G.I. Joe 2.  Did anyone see the first one?  Be honest.  Mr. Body Massage machine GO!  Porkchop sandwiches!?

We don’t need another Spiderman.

We don’t need another Superman.

We never asked for a Smurfs movie.

We don’t need to make a Ghostbusters 3.  Bill Murry seems to be the smartest man in the business for not immediately jumping on board.

We don’t want ANOTHER NEEDLESS Resident Evil sequel.  Where is the money for these coming from?  I’m attributing the recession to the Resident Evil movies.  And also global warming.

We don’t need Clash of the Titans 2, particularly when Clash of the Titans is a recent enough adaptation to hate on.

We don’t want ANOTHER Wolverine movie.

We don’t want a prequel to The Thing.

We DEFINITELY don’t want Indiana Jones 5.  I’m starting to believe Greedo shot first.


We don’t need another Ice Age.  What is this, the new Land Before Time?  There’s gotta be like 8 of these by now.

We don’t need The Three Stooges.  Larry, Curly, and Moe would be rolling in their graves if they knew…but they’d be the funniest zombies ever.

We don’t need another Chronicles of Riddick.

We don’t need a…third Alvin and the Chipmunks.  To answer the readers’ question…yes, there was a second one.  And to answer other readers’ question…yes, there was a first one, too.

We don’t need a Die Hard 5.  Hopefully Bruce can come to his senses in time.

We might enjoy playing Battleship from time to time, but we never once asked for a film adaptation.

We don’t want Madagascar 3.  I’m surprised children haven’t rioted in the streets against this yet.

We don’t need a Final Destination 5.  We’re already paranoid enough that we’re gonna get killed in the unlikeliest of ways.  Thanks for that.

We never wanted a Scream 4.  Or the other sequels really.

We REALLY don’t want another Ghost Rider.  Nick Cage is bringing the dead horse that is his acting career back to life because there is no way to beat it further with needless movies.

We don’t need Expendables 2.  I’m sure there’s already plenty of photoshopped pics of Chuck Norris making out with Sylvester Stallone on the internet.

How much did Tom Cruise have to nag you to make another Mission Impossible?  What is the impossible mission this time, resist his urge to hit on Jeremy Renner?

YOU’RE MAKING A PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3?  I should punch everyone who voted the first of these movies in the kidney for inadvertently causing this problem.

We don’t need Step Up 4.  Is there even a story to these movies?

We don’t need How to Train Your Dragon 2.  Surely Gerard Butler will kick all the animators in their respective chests into a bottomless pit to prevent this catastrophe.

We don’t need Halloween III.  Needless to say Rob Zombie’s not directing this one…and here’s a secret:  They already overdid it with Halloween sequels.  Ask Jaime Lee Curtis how that worked out.

We don’t need another Underworld movie.  It’s okay, Kate Beckinsale is still hot, but if we wanted to see her in tight leather we’d turn on one of the first two…we could be saving you millions.

We never asked for Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  Did anyone ever really ask: “Hey, I wonder…how did these damn, dirty apes got so smart?”  I can answer that for you: No.

Footloose isn’t worth watching if Kevin Bacon isn’t in it.


Moviegoers everywhere

P.S.  The depressing thing is that this hasn’t even scratched the surface, nor does it even touch on what atrocities will befall the movie industry through unnecessary sequels and adaptations in the distant future.

Nolan REFUSES to let The Dark Knight Rises be spoiled!!